Style Springboard™ #toolsnotrules

Style Springboard

Get Confident About Your Style Practice

Style Springboard equips you with tools to use, not rules to follow.

  • Bring your own creativity and purpose to your personal style.
  • Know how to assess style choices so that you’re sure they resonate with you and your lifestyle.
  • Think about your personal style in a new way... in a way that helps you Live Your Own Style.

More than Wardrobe, and for a Lifetime of Style

Learn strategies for creating your own Style Practice across the whole of your life—not just in your wardrobe. The methods and strategies in the Style Springboard are designed to help you for your lifetime, so that you don’t feel beholden to trends, fashion, or FOMO. Ever.

Multi-faceted Curriculum

The Style Springboard™ program’s multi-faceted curriculum delivers strategies for elevating your Style Practice via visually-engaging videos, action sheets, challenges designed to expand your style thinking, and the opportunity to engage with other Style Springboard clients in our discussion community. Start a free trial to experience it for yourself.

One Year of Program Access

You’ll have access to the program for one year, and that gives you the opportunity to review concepts and strategies as many times as you like, to expand your style ideas and continue to develop your Style Practice over time.

Make Another Spark

When you invest in yourself by engaging Style Springboard, you’re also supporting other women and communities.

One percent of Cara Hotz Style’s profits are donated to CAASE (Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation). We’re proud to support CAASE in its work toward a community free from all forms of sexual exploitation. Through prevention, policy reform, community engagement, and legal services, CAASE addresses the culture, institutions, and individuals that perpetrate, profit from, or support sexual exploitation.

Tools, Not Rules
Tools, Not Rules

At Cara Hotz Style, we make tools to use, not rules to follow.

Our programs transform the way people think about personal style, because we use design thinking to change the game. We’re focused on giving you tools you can use, not rules you must follow. Get empowered you to live your own style by bringing design thinking to the way you live.

Live Your Own Style. Let’s get started!